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Our company offers three key aviation solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Firstly, we specialize in aviation parts trading, providing a wide range of high-quality, genuine parts for various aircraft models. This ensures that our clients have access to the components they need to maintain their fleets at optimal performance levels. Secondly, we offer aviation consultancy services, leveraging our expertise to provide strategic guidance, content development, and support in areas such as regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, and safety management. Lastly, we excel in providing skilled aviation manpower, offering recruitment and placement services to ensure that our clients have access to the best talent in the industry. Through these three core solutions, we strive to support and enhance the operations of our aviation partners.

Aviation Parts

Logistics and Supply Chain is what keeps the aviation industry moving, our expert team of aviation logistics ensure the right parts arrive on the right time and more importantly in accordance with our client budget and requirements.

The flexibility and agility that provides our extensive supply networking is unmatchable and greatly appreciated by our clients who can avoid “Aircraft on Ground” (AOG) situations as much as possible.

Our range of products include:
➔ Major components
➔ Engines
➔ Auxiliary power units
➔ Aircraft parts
➔ Consumables
➔ Rotables
➔ Ground Support Equipment
➔ Aircraft Accessories

Aviation Parts ITZA-Aviation
Aviation Parts ITZA-Aviation

Aviation Consultancy

We are a boutique aviation consultancy services providing aviation solutions to the business and general aviation sectors. Our consulting team comprises aviation professionals for the most diverse sectors of the industry, including Flight Operations, Training, Engineering and Safety.

We specialize in obtaining the following approvals and the required documentation to support it:

➔ Air Operating Certificate (AOC)
Aviation Training Organization (ATO)
➔ Maintenance Training Organization (MTO/Part 147)
Aviation Maintenance Organization (AMO/Part 145)
Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Organization (CAMO)
Commercial Heliports
Aviation Manuals & Publications

Global Aviation Manpower Services

Skills, knowledge and experience are the benchmark in each one of our highly specialized aviation professionals.  We know that every aviation project comes with a series of complexities and challenges that rely on highly qualified staff to ensure a satisfactorily result.

 We cover short term ad hoc projects where recruiting directly could result in a high utilization of the operator’s resources and long-term projects where staff is seconded or we assist the selection, recruitment and vetting to be hired directly by our client.

 Our manpower services include:

➔ Flight Crew (Fixed & Rotary Wing)
Heliport/Helideck Crew

Aviation Parts ITZA-Aviation


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